GRAI @ Perth Pride Parade

GRAI will again be joining the parade at Pride Parade Site, William Street, Northbridge.

If you want to join in - then get in touch now - as we are 'sowing' the seeds of a fantastic float - email us now. 

More details to follow.


What do you think of the route this year?



Befriending LGBTI Elders - Social Outreach Project

We’ve got SOUL? Community discussion

SOUL is a proposal for a social outreach project aiming to provide a range of services to support older members of the LGBTI community. (Chartered Accountants Aust NZ)

GRAI and Prime Timers are two LGBTI community-based, not-for-profit organisations working and socialising with LGBTI elders in Perth.

We love what we do, but know we require more robust systems, especially for elders who need more individual support. 


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