CAMP WA 50th Anniversary

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CAMP Group Shot

GRAI celebrated CAMP WA’s 50 year anniversary in great style, paying our deep respect to those brave activists who in the 1970s spoke out, lobbied, educated and protested for the rights of GLBTI people.

CAMP WA laid the foundation for services like Living Proud and WAAC and along with political action CAMP provided safe places and events for GLBTI people to socialise and be among friends.  

Brian Lindberg, Graham Douglas, Kevin Pearce, Viv Cass, founding members of CAMP were guest speakers and honoured with Life membership.

“The way to stay safe has always been to stay invisible”

GRAI’s Kedy Kristal tells Roanna Edwards what it was like coming out in the 80s in Perth and about WA’s first “gay rights” group, which just turned 50.

Download the official GRAI CAMP Memorial Booklet