Right to Belong: Creating an LGBTI Inclusive Aged Care Service (EOI)

Expressions of interest are sought from aged care service providers for participation in GRAI’s 2018 program: Right To Belong, creating an LGBTI inclusive aged care service.

This is a year-long program to achieve sustainable, organisational change for LGBTI inclusivity.  It will support the development of services that are welcoming and inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) individuals and their families.

The program supports organizations to implement the 6 National Standards for LGBTI inclusive practice to ensure your service will confidently provide a culturally safe environment for LGBTI people and also meet legal obligations for inclusive service provision.

About the Program

The program involves a series of 5 workshops over a 12 month period to coach participants through the practical steps involved in building an LGBTI inclusive service. Participants will be

supported to plan, implement and evaluate changes in their service including:

1. Conducting an organisational audit

2. Consulting consumers

3. Educating colleagues

4. Developing and implementing an action plan

5. Managing obstacles

6. Evaluating changes.

More detail on Program below.


This program has been developed for aged care service providers who:

a. Want to become LGBTI inclusive (or more LGBTI inclusive)

b. Have the capacity to provide time release for two or more staff to attend the program

c. Are willing and able to empower staff attending the course to implement changes

d. Have the capacity to support staff attending the course.


Program registration includes

• 2 full day and 3 half day workshops

• A kit of resources for LGBTI inclusive practice

• Phone and email support between workshops.


Invitation and Expectations

To achieve meaningful change as a result of this program, it is essential that participants have the capacity (commitment, organisational resources and access to high level decision-making) to effect changes in their organization. A minimum of 2 members will be registered from each organisation and it is important that the same staff members attend all workshops.


Outline of Sessions

Workshop 1 - Introducing LGBTI Inclusive Practice into Aged Care Settings, Conducting a Needs Analysis & Building Organisational Capacity 

This workshop aims to build support for organisational change by:

1. Providing an overview of the need for and benefits of an LGBTI inclusive practice;

2. Describing recent legislative reforms and how these can impact on service provision;

3. Considering approaches to change and identifying the potential barriers and enablers;

4. Introducing the LGBTI Inclusive Practice Standards;

5. Exploring Organisational Capability (Standard 1);

6. Reviewing tools to conduct a needs analysis;

7. Developing an action plan.


Workshop 2 - Cultural Safety for Older LGBTI Clients 

This workshop will explore what is cultural safety and where is the benchmark for LGBTI inclusive practice. It will outline LGBTI history and why it matters. Strategies to encourage reflective practice will be shared and the effects of power structures in society and in a care setting will be described. Potential risks and risk minimisation strategies will be identified.


Workshop 3 - Planning Professional Development

This workshop will examine key considerations for an LGBTI education strategy within participants’ organisations. A ‘train the trainer’ approach will be taken to identify strategies to educate colleagues as well as outlining the content to be covered in professional development activities.

Workshop 4 - Consumer consultation

This workshop will explore strategies for consumer consultation to enhance the organisations’ needs analysis. It will underscore the importance of LGBTI consumer consultation and highlight a range of considerations for successful engagement with LGBTI stakeholders.

Workshop 5 - Part 1 - Rethinking Intake, Assessment, Disclosure and Documentation

This workshop will review the standards for intake and assessment as well as disclosure and documentation to assist participants identify the practical strategies, organisational policies and procedures required for change.


Workshop 5 - Part 2 - Maximising Sustainability and Evaluating Outcomes

Participants will present their achievements, challenges and opportunities for further development. Participants will be invited to join an ongoing community of practice to provide mutual support in implementing LGBTI inclusive practices and leadership in the social services and aged care sector in WA.


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