GRAI (GLBTI Rights in Ageing Inc) is proud to announce that it has received three years of funding to establish the first GLBTI Village Hub in Australia.

Research studies have shown that social isolation is widespread for many of our LGBTI elders, the impact of COVID-19 has highlighted feelings of loneliness and disconnection during this unprecedented time. LGBTI seniors are less likely than non-LGBTI people to have children or other nuclear family members to support their ageing and they are also more likely to be caring for a friend or family member.

GRAI’s Village Hub will be led by and for older LGBTI people, offering multidimensional peer support and service development for the community.

The Village Hub will continue to deliver and support current social activities, such as Lesbians who Lunch and Meet & Muse, Queer Blook Club and Barn Dance.

Film nights, information sessions and workshops will be offered that reflect the interests of the GLBTI community. An LGBTI Elders’ Advisory Group will be established to advise on the Hub activities.

A Befriender Program will be established coordinating Peer Elders to provide a one-on-one befriending service for vulnerable and isolated individuals.

GRAI will continue its advocacy and training work to ensure there are culturally safe referral pathways and links to GLBTI inclusive mainstream services such as medical, aged care and housing for GLBTI Elders.

Dr Rowan Booker is interviewed on RTRFM about the new Village Hub Befriender program. Listen to the podcast here…

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The Hub Calendar 2022 (PDF)


GRAI Village Hub Befriender Program (PDF)

Village Hub Befriender
Village Hub Befriender

GRAI Village Hub Elders Advisory Group (PDF)

GRAI Village Hub Referral Form (pdf)