GRAI MATTERS – April 2010

April 24th, 2010

Welcome to our first new‐look newsletter for 2010. The newsletter contains a rundown both of GRAI activities and also broader issues on LGBTI ageing. Firstly, thank you for your continued support of GRAI.

Although GRAI is a small member‐based organisation, we always seem to have more than enough to keep us busy – and 2010 will be no different.

GRAI’s social research grant is proceeding well (see later article). Look out for the launch of the final report and the best practice guidelines due out in the next few months. I am fortunate to be off to Sydney for the Health in Difference conference and then Melbourne to the International Federation of Ageing conference. I will be able to profile the work of GRAI and also be able to discuss a range of gay research issues nationally. It can sometimes feel a bit isolated working in WA but rest assured GRAI is highly regarded on the national gay ageing front.

Jude Comfort
Chair GRAI


  1. On GRAI’s recent agenda
  2. Pennies from heaven
  3. GRAI’s Research Project – report update
  4. Sexy seniors need to play it safe
  5. Dementia carer’s support group
  6. New Australian study looks at older lesbian and gay people’s Care Networks
  7. GRAI is urgently looking for an auditor
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