GRAI Matters – June 2011

July 19th, 2011

In this issue:

  1. Letter from the Chair
  2. A nice glass of red…
  3. GRAI AGM and “Reaching Out” community forum
  4. Gabi Rosenstreich
  5. The Pinnacle Foundation
  6. Loneliness among older LGB adults
  7. Ready or not: HIV in Aged Care
  8. Web Resources

Welcome to the latest GRAI newsletter. Your hard working board
has been working quietly in the background ensuring that LGBTI
ageing issues are advanced. This has included a short submission to
the Department of Health and Ageing on their Accreditation
Standards for residential aged care. There was no specific mention
of sexuality orientation or gender diversity yet other minority
groups were mentioned. Again there we were not the only players
to put this view and colleagues and organizations in other states
also wrote submissions.

Board member June Lowe and I had an informative meeting with
Senator Rachel Siewert about potential lobbying strategies to
advance the core concerns of GRAI. This was interesting as Rachel is
the Green‟s spokesperson for aging issues and she was able to
provide good insight into who are some of the key players that our
organization should be meeting with. We also discussed the likely
impact of the full recognition of same sex marriage and whether
when that happens, as surely it must, that this will have large flow
on effects for other LGBTI sectors.

We have been in discussion with ACON (AIDS Council of NSW), about
allowing the use of GRAI/Curtin University Best Practice Guidelines
developed last year as part of our research project, in a current
project ACON is undertaking. They received substantial funding
from the Department of Health and Ageing to roll out an LGBTI
awareness raising training program for staff in residential aged care
providers. Initially this is being undertaken as a pilot program.
Two issues closer to Perth are the forthcoming AGM and another call
about ideas on how GRAI might facilitate a visitor program.

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