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Right to Belong: Creating an LGBTI Inclusive Aged Care Service (EOI)

Expressions of interest are sought from aged care service providers for participation in GRAI’s 2018 program: Right To Belong, creating an LGBTI inclusive aged care service.

This is a year-long program to achieve sustainable, organisational change for LGBTI inclusivity.  It will support the development of services that are welcoming and inclusive of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) individuals and their families.

More Research

Here you will find a range of PDFs of research in the area of ageing and aged care issues for GLBTI elders.

Announcing QConnect

Be part of an exciting new on-line site for community building between LGBTI generations: an innovative venture to foster age-transcending friendships.

A special time in history

The LGBTI community has never in the past had a visible, accessible ‘older generation’ to turn to for a sense of history, mentorship, and a different perspective on life as an LGBTI person. We believe that intergenerational connections enrich us all and build a true, multi-dimensional community, with opportunities to share companionship, knowledge, skills and interests.

Aged Care for Transsexuals

GRAI Matters October 2014


  • Right To Belong heads to Albany
  • Trans Ageing
  • Roundtable Reports
  • Catherine Barrett visits (twice)
  • City of Vincent Documentary

Too Old to Remember: song of stories of LGBT older people

Commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation for their event, A Better Life, this song is composed out of the stories of older LGBT people. It is sung by members of Out Aloud Choir, Sheffield, written by Sally Goldsmith and arranged and directed by Val Regan. Photos by Jo Hanley and Anton Want.

GRAI Matters June 2014


  • Who is TED?
  • The Apple Tree
  • GRAI Out and About
  • Training in full swing
  • CDC - What does it mean for you?
  • New Board Members


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