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Media Release: GRAI to deliver LGBTI sensitivity training to aged care service providers in WA

April 11th, 2014 

Aged care providers in WA will soon have the opportunity to receive free one-day training to help them develop inclusive services that are safe and welcoming for LGBTI older adults.

This week, GRAI finalised an agreement with the National LGBTI Health Alliance to deliver LGBTI sensitivity training to the aged care sector in WA. The training will suit residential facilities, retirement villages, community care providers and services engaging with older members of the community.

LAUNCH of GRAI’s new training project

You are warmly invited to celebrate the LAUNCH of GRAI’s new training project:

RIGHT TO BELONG: LGBTI* People & Aged Care

Tuesday 6 May 2014
5.30 -7.30pm (6pm start)
Hotel Northbridge
210 Lake St, Northbridge

Guest Speaker
Dr Gavi Ansara Phd

GRAI Matters March 2014


  • GRAI Launches Aged Care Training
  • Perth’s Gay Icons - Nana Neil
  • Fun at Fairday
  • 55Upitty
  • Val’s Cafe
  • Lastest News
  • How to Age
  • Tell your story
  • Prime Timers
  • GRAI Supermodels

GRAI Matters December 2013

Inside this issue:

  1. Letter from the Chair
  2. LGBTI Inclusivity Training in Aged Care
  3. 2013 AGM and Round-up
  4. Pride Parade | Future directions
  5. Tea, wine, curb dementia
  6. Sex Discrimination Act
  7. Stockholm LGBT retirement home
  8. Rethinking age in the context of care
  9. Ensuring The Gateway is pink-friendly
  10. Intergenerational opportunities
  11.  Care needs of gay men aged 60+
  12. Time to value longevity
  13.  Jude Comfort, a big thank you
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GRAI Matters August 2013

Inside this issue

  1. Letter from the Chair
  3. LGBTI Ageing Strategy – WA launch with the Minister
  4. Cloudburst review
  5. Law Reform and Social Change
  6. Survey, same sex relationships
  7. Marriage bells
  8. Are they ‘home?’ Dorothy McRae-McMahon
  9. They Said
  10. Vale Jose Sarria
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GRAI Matters May 2013

May 27th, 2013

Inside this issue

1 Letter from the Chair
2 Health in Difference Conference
3 Ageing in Place, COTA
4 Mental Health & Suicide
Prevention Conference
6 Umbrella’s Diverse Care
7 Babayagas – Housing alternative
8 Police Liaison survey
9 The Matrix Guild
10 Social isolation
11 Norma’s Project
12 GRAI Submissions Calendar
13 Housing Research

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GRAI Matters Dec 2012

December 19th, 2012


1 Letter from the Chair
2 Short reports
3 Study participants sought
5 In the media
12 New GLBTI aged care program
13 Health in Difference 2013
14 Diversity Forum report

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GRAI Matters August 2012

August 30th, 2012


  • Letter from the Chair
  • GRAI: How can you contribute?
  • GRAI’s 2012 AGM
  • Aged Care Reforms
  • Let the talks begin!
  • Special Needs: what does this mean?
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Health in Difference 2013
  • Linton Estate
  • Film clip competition
  • OLGBT Connections in Britain
  • London Pride
  • US GLBT ‘priority population’
  • Exercise and Alzheimer’s
  • Beyond blue campaign
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GRAI Matters March 2012

March 30th, 2012


  • Letter from the Chair
  • Dean Smith: focus on GRAI membership
  • Dan Parker, welcome (back)
  • Paul Garde
  • Stay Socially Active: You may live longer
  • Checking out Opening Doors
  • Irish LGBT eyes not smilin’
  • Mary McAleese: LGBT Award
  • News from the Alliance – MindOUT
  • LGBTI Representation – Anti-discrimination submission
  • LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Working Group
  • Research: Caring for people with dementia
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